How will the building benefit the ministry going forward?

A building will stabilize the ministry and provide more space for a growing staff and operations. It will help us train our 90+ Field Staff around the country and recruit additional staff in the coming months. The money saved on rent in the long-term will be utilized to fulfill our mission.

How will the building meet long-term needs of the ministry?

The ministry will have a stable base of operations for the next 30+ years, not subject to rental market fluctuations.


Where is the building located?

Between Winter Park and Casselberry, FL, in the greater Orlando area. It is only 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. The building itself has great visibility.

What kind of space is Man in the Mirror in now?

MIM currently leases space in a strip retail plaza.

What are the benefits of owning a building versus renting space?

Owning a building would free the ministry from rental market fluctuations, provide significant rental cost savings over time, and provide our staff with a stable space.

What are some functions/capabilities that the new building will have that MIM doesn’t have now?

The new building will have a larger conference space, designated webinar space and more office.


How much will the building cost?

$1,037,500. Additional funds are necessary for renovations, closing and moving costs.

How much does MIM need to raise? What is this number based on?

Approximately $1,275,000. This amount includes the cost of the building outright, renovations and moving.

Will MIM have a mortgage or pay for the building outright? What are the financial benefits of buying a building?

MIM is praying for God to raise up partners to buy the building outright. This will allow all future donations to benefit the ministry services more directly.

How does the mortgage rate compare to existing rent amount?

If MIM needs to secure a loan, our commitment is that the mortgage payment will not be greater than the current monthly rent payment for the space we occupy now.